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¥1,650 (税込)


手ぬぐい「桜・道成寺」 原画:影山のり子









綿100% 日本製

Tenugui “Kabuki “Sakura Dojoji””

“Kyokanoko Musume Dojoji”, a popular Kabuki play, is a later version of the legend of Anchin and Kiyohime, based on the Noh play “Dojoji”. At Dojoji Temple in Kishu, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, a beautiful young woman dressed in the costume of a shirabishi (a dancing woman who sang and danced in the Heian period) appears at a bell offering ceremony, and at the request of the temple priest, she performs a series of splendid dances. The way she changes her costume one after another to match the dance is a sight to behold. This tenugui is designed based on the costumes from the “Kudoki” scene of this performance.
The bright and gorgeous tenugui with weeping cherry blossoms and yellow haze in soft colors on a white background will make you feel light-hearted when you display it in your room. It is recommended not only for Kabuki tenugui collectors, but also as an interior tenugui for spring.

100% Cotton Made in Japan