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¥1,100 (税込)


手ぬぐい「疋田(山吹・支子)」 江戸小紋





綿100% 日本製

Tenugui “Hitta-Kanoko Pattern(Kuchinashi-yellow)”

This is a tenugui with a pattern of Hikita-shibori, one of the traditional Japanese tie-dyeing techniques. “Kanoko-shibori” is a pattern in which the cloth is squeezed into small pieces with thread so that the colors do not bleed into those areas, and is named after its resemblance to the spots of a deer. It is often seen in gorgeous kimonos such as furisode (long-sleeved kimono).In order to express “Kanoko-shibori” more easily and inexpensively, the “Hikita” pattern was created to express the pattern itself as a design. This is due to the aesthetic sense and ingenuity of the people of the Edo period.

“Kuchinashi color” is a reddish yellow color that first appeared in history in the Heian period (794-1185). It is a traditional Japanese color that has been mentioned in the Kokin Waka Shu. It has been used as a dye and medicine, and has been familiar to the Japanese people since ancient times. It can be used not only as a daily tenugui, but also as a neckpiece for the kimono, a scarf, or as a material for handmade goods.


100% Cotton Made in Japan