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風呂敷のれん 「縄のれん」

¥4,400 (税込)


風呂敷のれん 「縄のれん」」





サイズ:幅 76cm /長さ 88cm /棒通し幅 4cm /重ね縫い  25cm
綿100%(風呂敷・シャンタン地) 日本製

Furoshiki Noren “Rope curtain”

This is a noren made of furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with an original painting by Living National Treasure, dyeing artist Keisuke Serizawa. The design expresses the imaginative and beautiful world view of Keisuke Serizawa, who was acclaimed as “a rare master of art”.
It is made of durable shantung woven cotton material that can be washed and wrapped around heavy loads with ease, so it can be easily washed even if used in the kitchen, entryway, or other places where it can easily get dirty. It is also a great gift for wedding and moving celebrations.

Size: width 78cm length 90.5cm stick-through width 4cm overlapping stitches 28cm
100% Cotton (furoshiki, shantung fabric) Made in Japan