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¥1,650 (税込)


2023年干支手ぬぐい「雪うさぎ」 原画作家:木下旭







綿100% 日本製

Tenugui “Snow Rabbit”

This is a tenugui hand towel for the 2023 zodiac year, depicting a camellia and a snow rabbit. “Snow rabbit” is a New Year’s decoration made by attaching yuzuriha and nanten berries on a snowball. Nanten is popular as a good luck charm for winter because of its sound of “difficulties turning around in Japanese. The camellia is a Japanese evergreen tree that is said to have the power to house deities and ward off misfortune. The camellia and the snow rabbit, both of which are bravely enduring the falling snow, are modest yet powerful, giving a peaceful winter scene to the mind.


The rabbit, the sign of the Chinese zodiac, is believed to be a messenger of the gods with wishes for the prosperity of offspring, domestic safety, and good fortune. It is also considered a symbol of good luck, as it leaps and jumps, and its long ears “bring good news”.


The traditional Japanese handicraft ” Tenugui” is also appreciated as a New Year’s gift, a birthday gift for a child born at the age of a rabbit, a first birthday gift, or as a gift or souvenir for people from overseas.


100% Cotton Made in Japan