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¥1,650 (税込)


干支手ぬぐい「竜の落とし子」 原画作家:雁千穂


龍は十二支の中で唯一の架空の動物で、神話や物語に神聖な存在として登場します。長生きをすることから長寿や健康、魔除けのご利益があるとされています。竜の落とし子は龍の化身とされ、海の中で泳ぐ様子が昇り龍を想起させることから縁起物として親しまれています。 また、子だくさんで夫婦で子供を育てることから安産や家庭円満のご利益があると考えられています。



綿100% 日本製

Tenugui “Seahorses”

A zodiac Tenugui dyed to celebrate the Dragon year of 2024.

The dragon is the only fictional animal of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac that appears as a sacred entity in myths and stories. It is believed to be beneficial for longevity, health, and protection against evil because of its longevity. The Sea horse is believed to be an incarnation of a dragon, and is popular as a good-luck charm because the sight of it swimming in the sea reminds one of a rising dragon. It is also believed to bring blessings for easy childbirth and family happiness since the couple has many children and raises them together.


The traditional Japanese handicraft ” Tenugui” is also appreciated as a New Year’s gift, a birthday gift for a child born at the age of a rabbit, a first birthday gift, or as a gift or souvenir for people from overseas.


100% Cotton Made in Japan