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¥2,200 (税込)


手ぬぐい「おひなさま」 原画作家:蓬田やすひろ



綿100% 日本製

Tenugui “Doll’s Festival”

This is a tenugui depicting a beautiful standing Ohinasama. It is dyed based on the original Tenugui painting by Yasuhiro Yomogida, an artist known as the Ukiyoe artist of the Heisei era.
The Hina Matsuri, in which Hina dolls are displayed on March 3rd to pray for the healthy growth of girls, originated from the custom of “Nagashi-bina,” in which impurities are transferred to the dolls to purify them.
The first dolls were standing dolls, but after the Edo period (1603-1868), sitting dolls became more common, imitating the lifestyle of the inner palace. In some regions, the custom of displaying standing Hina has been handed down to this day. In recent years, standing Hina dolls have been reevaluated and become popular as fashionable dolls due to their prestigious and beautiful appearance, as the patterns on the kimono of the standing Odairisama and Ohinasama are more beautiful.
Celebrate the springtime peach festival by offering Hishimochi (diamond-shaped rice cakes) and white sake. Decorate with Ohinasama tenugui and enjoy the Japanese custom that has continued since the Heian period in your modern life.


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