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¥1,430 (税込)




ポリエステル100% 日本製

Furoshiki “Sharkskin pattern (blue)”

This lovely furoshiki has a purple shark pattern on the front and a green small cherry blossom pattern on the back. It is reversible, so you can use the front or the back depending on the scene or your mood, and it is also nice to see the fabric on the back when you tie it. The polyester furoshiki is soft, so it is easy to tie. It is very useful to have one in your bag. It is also a great souvenir to take overseas.

【The meaning of Edo komon】
Shark pattern
This is one of the representative patterns of Edo komon, which is represented by small circles stacked in a fan shape. It is also called “shark pattern” because it resembles the skin of a shark. Since the skin of a shark is hard, wearing a shark pattern is likened to “armor” and is believed to ward off evil and bad luck.

Cherry blossoms
After being loved by the aristocrats of the Heian period (794-1185), they were depicted in various literature, art, costumes, and armor. The word “flower” in Japan means “cherry blossom,” and cherry blossoms are representative of Japan. It is considered an auspicious pattern that represents “prosperity” because of the way the cherry blossoms bloom all at once.


100% polyester Made in Japan