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アートフレームの素材はアクリル、総重量は160gと軽量です。上側のフレームには 江戸打紐が付いています。フレームの表面は桜の金蒔絵、裏面は無地になっているので、飾る手ぬぐいの絵柄にあわせて、お好きな面を出して飾ってください。




サイズ:約2×37.3cm(厚さ0.8cm) 重さ:160g

色:黒(表面 桜柄、裏面 無地)
アクリル / 江戸打紐 日本製


Art Frame

This is a magnetic tapestry for displaying tenugui. The inside of the frame is magnetic, so all you have to do is open the frame, insert the tenugui, and close it. You can easily decorate your tenugui.


The material of the art frame is acrylic, and the total weight is 160g. Edo Uchihimo string is attached to the upper frame. The front side of the frame is gold lacquered with cherry blossoms, and the back side is plain, so you can choose which side you want to display according to the design of your tenugui.


You can easily decorate your tenugui and it is lightweight, making it a great souvenir from Japan to overseas.
Please enjoy Japanese culture in your daily life by decorating your tenugui.


Size: 2 x 37.3 cm (0.8 cm thick)  Weight: 160g
Color: Black (front: cherry blossom pattern, back: plain)
Material: Acrylic, Magnet, Edo-Uchihimo string  Made in Japan
Patented product