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Disaster Preparedness with the Tenuguis

As Japan is frequently hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes and other natural disasters, it is important to prepare on a daily basis and raise awareness of disaster preparedness to minimise damage. In this issue, we introduce “Disaster prevention and useful techniques using Tenugui” that can be used when you evacuate and in evacuation centres. Keep a few Tenugui in your emergency bag and use them in a range of ways.


The Tenugui is oblong in size (90 cm x 35 cm) and made of plain-weaving bleached cotton. The material is durable, folds and ties easily and can be transformed into a variety of shapes. If kept in an emergency bag, it can be used not only as a tenugui for daily use, but also as a temporary hood and a mask, or as a substitute for a rope or hammer

Temporary hood


Helmet sweat repellent






In the evacuation centers

The material of the Tenugui, “bleached cotton”, is characterised by its excellent water absorbency and speedy drying properties. It dries quickly after washing and the plain-weaving makes it stain resistant. It can therefore be used cleanly. Tenugui are very useful in evacuation centers as they are easily washable and easy to care with.

Protection from cold and heat


For sweat wipes

Temporary mask


Pillow and bedding cover

Eye Masks

tenugui eyemask

For covering valuables


For first aid

Tenugui is sanitary because the edges are left uncut and unsewn, so dust does not gather in the seams. It can also be cut up (Can be ripped by hand) and used as necessary, which is useful for first aid, such as for treating injuries.







Tenugui exercises

Tenugui exercises, which require only a single Tenugui, are effective for preventing ecconomy class syndromesyndrome. Stretching can be done in small spaces, so make use of it in shelters.

Relax one’s shoulders


1. Hold the tenugui at both ends and take a deep breath and hold it over your head.

tenugui taiso

2. Breathe deeply and lower your arms to your back.

Stretching the back of the femoral and calf

tenugui taiso

1. Sit with one leg outstretched and drape a thinly folded tenugui over the sole of the outstretched leg.

tenugui taiso

2. Breathe deeply and lean forward while pulling the Tenugui. Repeat for the opposite leg

The shop offers more than 500 original Tenuguis, including kabuki, ukiyoe, Japanese four seasons, Edo komon, indigo dyed and Arimatsu shibori. Please also make use of tenugui in disaster prevention situations.