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2024 Year of the Dragon zodiac Art Tenugui.

“Dragon” is the only fictional animal of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac that appears as a sacred entity in myths and stories. He is a lucky charm that is believed to be beneficial for health, longevity and protection against beneficial in warding off evil spirits.


We are proud to present our auspicious Tenugui with the theme of the zodiac sign “Dragon” for the year 2024.

Zodiac Tenugui “Dragon Painting”


Zodiac Tenugui “Dragon Painting” – 1,650yen

A zodiac Tenugui dyed to celebrate the Dragon year of 2024. The blurring in places is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


The dragon soaring in the sky on the tenugui represents career advancement and increase luck, and symbolises lots of successes and opportunities.By the way, it is believed that the ‘Orb’ held by dragons in their hands have the power to make wishes come true!


 Zodiac Tenugui “Seahorses” 


Zodiac Tenugui “Seahorses” – 1,650yen

A zodiac Tenugui dyed to celebrate the Dragon year of 2024.


The Sea horse is believed to be an incarnation of a dragon, and is popular as a good-luck charm because the sight of it swimming in the sea reminds one of a rising dragon. It is also believed to bring blessings for easy childbirth and family happiness since the couple has many children and raises them together.


Tenugui “12 Zodiac Animal Toys”


Tenugui “12 Zodiac Animal Toys” – 1,980yen

Local toys of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, such as Akabeko, Komainu (stone guardian dogs at shrines), Mochitsuki usagi (” rabbits making rice cakes”) and Hariko tigers, are all displayed as clay bell figurines.

The Chinese zodiac represents the calendar by a combination of the 12 animals of the zodiac and the 10 signs of the Chinese zodiac, which are the “wood, fire, earth, metal and water” that make up the natural world (wuxing), and are also considered messengers of the gods, who are said to protect the year.

How about a New Year decoration, a gift, a birthday or a baby gift? The traditional Japanese handicraft ”Tenugui” is also a great gift orsouvenir for foreign people!