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Tenugui Eco Bag

Tenugui eco bags for everyday use and as reusable tote bag.

In Japan, plastic bags have become a chargeable item, so do you have a favourite reusable eco bag? This issue introduces the fashionable Tenugui Eco Bags, recommended for reusable eco bag and My Bags.

Stylish eco bag made from a single Tenugui cloth.

Tenugui eco bags made from our original Tenugui cloth have unique patterns such as cats, Choju Giga (Animal Caricatures), ghosts and kabuki patterns.

Tenugui Eco Bag

Active in With Corona virus Life.

Bag is created using a single tenugui towel, so it can be folded compactly for storage. The material of the Tenugui, “bleached cotton”, is characterised by its excellent water absorbency and speedy drying properties. The material dries quickly and can be washed easily if you are concerned about virus prevention.

Tenugui Eco Bag

Tenugui tote bag with warmth of fabric.

Bags for lots of stuff. 

The gusset of the tenugui tote bag is 8 cm for the horizontal design and 9.5 cm for the vertical design. The point is that it folds up tiny, but can hold a lot of stuff. It works well as a shopping bag or sub bag.

Tenugui Eco Bag

Please use the Tenugui eco bags as shopping bags as well!

The eco-friendly tenugui tote bags are great for yourself or as a gift. Find your favourite pattern!