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Bottle wrapping with a single Tenugui

Hello! In this column I will explain how to wrap a bottle with a single Tenugui.

Simply wrap a bottle of alcohol or a little high-end juice in a single roll of Tenugui! After giving it as a gift, it can be used normally as a “tenugui”. In addition, the wrapping is environmentally friendly. Add a touch of “chic” to your souvenirs and gifts. It will surely make a great gift!

– Preparation –

– 1 wine bottle (Full bottle size of wine recommended).
– 1 Tenugui (This time, we will use the Tenugui “Ryokomochi Stripe”.)

Let’s actually wrap it up.

How to wrap a bottle in Tenugui 

1. Spread out the Tenugui and place the bottle lying diagonally down as seen in the picture.


2. Fold the bottom of the bottle into the Tenugui to wrap it.


3. Roll and wrap the bottle, holding the bottom firmly in place.


4. Twist the Tenugui that comes to the top of the bottle.
*If step 3 is not successful, you can still tie it tightly by twisting it tightly here.


5. Wrap the twisted part around the narrow part of the bottle, then insert the end of the Tenugui and voila!


Wrapping bottles in Tenugui is thought to be difficult, it is easy to do!

The keys to wrapping well are…
1. Choose just the right size bottle!
2. When twisting the Tenugui, wrap it tightly around the bottle!

Please try tenugui bottle wrapping!

Let’s see what the different images of the Tenugui look like when the patterns are changed.

How about wrapping it in a Kabuki’s tenugui?


Wrapping with cool Kabuki tenugui is chic and cool! The gift wrapping made a great impact. This would make a good gift for Kabuki lovers, men and foreigners.

Click here to see the Tenugui used for wrapping. >>

How about wrapping it in a cat’s tenugui?


How about wrapping it in a cat’s tenugui? A cat in the form of a Firemen! The bottle is transformed into a cat lover’s pleaser!

Click here to see the Tenugui used for wrapping. >>

Even if the person or scene for which you are giving the gift is different, simply changing the pattern of the Tenugui will give you a broader range of choices.

In this issue, we introduced bottle wrapping that can be done with a single Tenugui as a way of using Tenugui. We would be happy if we are able to provide an opportunity to make your life a little more colourful with the Tenugui.