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Why are Tenugui the best of Japanese souvenirs?

As we are moving towards a with-corona lifestyle, the traffic to and from abroad is easing. Many customers visit our shop looking for Japanese souvenirs, such as for business trips abroad, gifts for friends living in other countries, or people travelling from other countries.


Do you know that Tenugui is the perfect Japanese souvenir?


Here’s why they’re the best souvenirs from Japan.


The dyeing method “Chusen” is used only in Japan!

Tenuguis in Asa no ha are hand-dyed one by one by skilled craftsmen using the traditional technique of “Chusen”, which has been handed down since the Meiji era. The dye is permeated into the bleached cotton to express the pattern, so the colours are transmitted to both the front and the back of the cotton. Gluing, difficulty in matching the design of the pattern so that it does not shift when overlapping the colours. Each tenugui is full of the skills of craftsmen who have carried on the tradition, such as the technique of colour blurring.


The beautiful blurring technique from red to green at the foot of Fuji-mountain is the work of a brilliant skilled craftsman

how to make Tenugui

The tenugui is being dyed. 

Kabuki, ukiyoe and Japanese seasonal patterns in abundance! 

The shop offers a wide range of patterns, from the traditional and much-loved Edo komon, that represent Japanese culture such as Kabuki, Ukiyoe and the four seasons of Japan, to cute animal patterns and present-day art. There are more than 500 patterns! We believe that choosing a Tenugui to a gift recipient’s taste and preference will be an enjoyable experience.

Tenugui shop Asa no Ha
Tenugui shop Asa no Ha

Tenugui is lightweight & not bulky!

And one of the main reasons why tenugui is the perfect Japanese souvenir is that it is light and not bulky! Each piece weighs only 40 grams. It does not take up space in your suitcase when you are going away. The material is 100% cotton, and even better that you don’t have to worry about damage when moving around. Light, stylish and


Tenugui weighs 40 grams. It is light and slim, so it does’nt look bulky in a suitcase.


Ten layers of Tenugui are too slim!

Perfect for interior decoration. 

Set the tenugui on a frame or a tapestry tool, and it becomes an easy interior decoration. It is also a good idea to give a set of frames or tapestry tools as a gift from Japan. It is an easy way to display traditional Japanese culture.

tenugui frame
tenugui frame

The eco-friendly tenugui tote bags are great for yourself or as a gift. Find your favourite pattern!