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How to access Asanoha shop from Tokyo Metro Azabujuban St.

Hello from Asanoha shop at Azabujuban!

Do you know how to reach our store? We’ ll show you! This is the way from Tokyo Metro Azabujuban station.

How to access Asanoha shop from Tokyo Metro Azabujuban St.

Come up to ground level from #4 exit of Azabujuban metro station. You see “Oslo Coffee” in front of you. Proceed to right-hand side of Oslo Coffee. Be careful not to go to the left-hand side.


Make sure you see RESONA Bank’ s green sign and McDonald’ s sign on the right. Proceed the way in Azabujuban shopping avenue.


Proceed straight in the shopping avenue.


Proceed straight more and you’ ll see the orange colored sign of Azabu Karinto store on the right-hand corner. Still go straight in the shopping avenue.


Proceed straight in the shopping avenue.


You’ ll see brick orange color building. Proceed straight the way to the building.


When you reach the brick building, you will come to a crosswalk with a traffic light. Across the street is a building (THE LIVELY Tokyo Azabu Juban) with a Seven Eleven in it, and beyond that you will see Roppongi Hills. Don’t turn at the crosswalk, just cross straight over and keep going straight towards Roppongi Hills.
You’re almost to Asanoha shop !


Azabu Juban Asanoha is next to the white building (THE LIVELY Tokyo Azabu Juban)  where Seven Eleven is located.
You can now see the shop !
The building across the street is a famous soba restaurant, Sarashina Horii. Asanoha is across the street from Sarashina-Horii.



Welcome to Azabujuban Asanoha!!


It`s about 8-10 minutes walk from the station.

Summary : #4 exit of Tokyo Metro Azabujuban station. The way of right hand at Oslo Cofee, proceed straight in the shopping avenue and Asanoha shop is on the right hand side on the shopping avenue.


We all will be looking forward to seeing you at the shop !!