No. 3951


大城戸建雄 ¥1620

江戸時代元禄期に起きた赤穂事件を基にした演目である。伯州の城主 塩治判官の家老・大星由良助が、主君の切腹を命じた高師直に仇討ちに向かう。雪を演出する紙吹雪が舞台上に舞う中、まさに討ち入りする緊迫した1 シーン。

Art Tenugui "Kabuki “Chushingura”"

Kabuki is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts with 400 years of history. It is an all-round theatrical art consisting of drama, dance and music.
“Chushingura” is the story of the 47 loyal retainers’ revenge based on a historical incident. This is one of the most important plays in the Kabuki repertoire and one of the 3 great masterpieces originally written for Bunraku puppet theaters.