No. c11

手ぬぐいロングクッション「猫いっぱい×ネコと足あと」 受注生産

絵てぬぐい原画:こじましん ¥7,040

手ぬぐい生地:綿100% 中綿:木綿100% 


Tenugui Long Cushion "Many Cats x Cat & Paw Print"

【Custom-made】We can tailor your choice of 2 Tenugui into beautiful cushions.
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks
Size: 32.5 x 87 x thickness 8cm
Outer: 100% Cotton / Inner padding: 100% Cotton
Dry Clean

This cushion is made using Tenugui in a Futon factory. Excellent for elasticity! When the cushion which contains moisture and wither make is sunbathed, it will be soft thanks to using floss silk of 100% cotton,