No. gm13

革ひも付き手ぬぐいがま口 「イヌ市松」 販売終了

絵てぬぐい原画:ゆう ¥2808

サイズ:約10.5×12.5cm (革ひも付き:24×0.5cm)
表地:綿100% 裏地:レーヨン100% 革ひも:牛革

ある時はお財布、ある時は小物入れ。すっきりとした形に、取り外し可能の革ヒモでスマートに使えます。内側に仕切りがあるので、整理整頓も楽々♪ さまざまなシーンでお洒落に使えます。

Tenugui Coin Purse with leather Strap "Lattice Pattern with Dogs"

Body size: 10.5 x 12-13.5cm / With string size:24 x 0.5cm
Outer: Cotton 100% / Inner: Rayon 100% / Metal part: Steel String: Cowhide
Made in Japan

This original coin purse was designed by Asanoha and was realized by an expert craftman. You can use it either as a wallet or as a small bag. The leather string can be removed according to your targeted use. On the inner side, you will find a pocket.