How to access Asa no Ha Store from Roppongi Hills

Hello from Asa no Ha store at Azabu-Juban!

Did you know Asa no Ha store is quite near from Roppongi Hills?

We`ll show you easy access way from Roppongi Hills.

If you are at the side of Metro Hat or 66(Roku-Roku) Plaza (spider statue in the picture),  go down to ‘Keyakizaka 1st Floor` level.


Proceed the way to `Keyakizaka` , `TV Asahi` or `Mohri Garden`.


In front of TV Asahi building is ‘Roppongi Hills Arena`. Go to the opposite direction from Mohri Garden, to which you see TV Asahi building on the left hand side.    


Cross the crosswalk to the side of Louis Vuitton shop and turn to left.


This is Keyakizaka Dori. Go down Keyakizaka Dori avenue.


At the end of Keyakizaka Dori avenue, on the right you`ll see Starbucks Coffee and TSUTAYA. Turn to right on this corner.


After 5-60m, you`ll see two-pronged way. Proceed the shopping avenue street on the right, not the wide street on the left.


Proceed the shopping avenue around 150m.


There is an orange color building on the right hand side. Asa no Ha store is in front of that building.


Arrived! Welcome to Azabu-Juban Asa no Ha store!

Now you are confident about coming to Asa no Ha store from Roppongi Hills so easily? It`s about 5-6 minutes walk from Roppongi Hills Arena place.   Please enjoy lovely walking and visit our Asa no Ha store.

We all will be looking forward to seeing you at the store!

How to access Asa no Ha Store from Roppongi Hills